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Activity Co-ordinator - Brain Injury

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Profession: Occupational Therapy
  • Location: Northampton
  • Salary: £19,750

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Activity Coordinator

Neuropsychiatry Division – Brain Injury

Salary:  £19 750

37.5 hours per week

Working at St Andrew’s Healthcare


The Neuropsychiatry Division at St Andrew’s provides personalised rehabilitation and care to adults who fall within a number of specialist areas such as acquired brain injury, dementia, Huntington’s disease and chronic mental illness.

We are very pleased to offer 2 activity coordinator posts within Neuropsychiatry, which are divided as follows.

Tallis and Allitsen (brain injury)

Fenwick and Walton (women with long-term mental health concerns and Huntington’s disease)

The purpose of the activity coordinator is to provide recreation, engagement, participation and a sense of purpose and joy to our patients. 

Our patients and staff teams receive the role of an activity coordinator enthusiastically as it complements the care and treatment we provide and brings enjoyment.  There will be the occasional need to support social events that are planned in the evening.

The person we are looking for will have a natural inclination towards wanting to provide opportunities for our patients to experience wellbeing through engaging you will also have a leadership style that understands the workings of our wards, develops relationships with our ward teams and uses this knowledge to coordinate a schedule of activities.

What are we looking for in our new team members?

  • The ability to initiate the organisation of activities, ranging from individual, to ward and coordinating divisional events.
  • A desire to work with those who may be unable to communicate their needs and have the willingness understand what makes our patients tick.
  • People who are compassionate, and willing to step into the unknown with their team members and find a place where our patient can have new experiences that promote well being. 

In return we will provide you with mentorship and clinical supervision by members of the occupational therapy team and be part of the wider neuro clinical team. You will also experience opportunities to develop the skills needed to be the best at the role as you can be.

We would also like to offer this post to new psychology degree graduates and welcome you to a unique opportunity.

Alongside gaining your clinical experience as an activity coordinator, you will have the opportunity to attend additional fortnightly Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions developed specifically for this role by the Psychology Team. These will be facilitated by Clinical Psychologists and the Clinical Neuropsychologist working within the Brain Injury and Dementia & Huntington’s Disease Pathways of the Neuropsychiatry Division. This bespoke CPD will provide Clinical Psychology-based learning and experiential sessions which aim to complement the work you will be doing on the wards and will help build your CV as you work towards a career in mental health settings. These posts will give you the opportunity to utilise psychological theory and skills you have developed during your degree by applying them in a real clinical setting.

For an informal conversation about this role, please contact either of the below -

Fraser Scatterty, Senior Occupational Therapist 

Joanne Jeff’s

“Our patients and your colleagues will expect you to live the St Andrew’s CARE values of Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence every single day.”

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Closing date: Sunday 14th August 2022.