Women's Mental Health - low secure

Sinclair is a fifteen-bedroomed low secure women’s unit for women, from the age of eighteen.

Sinclair provides a recovery orientated service for adult women with mental disorder, who have complex needs. Sinclair provides assessment for women who have a offended as a result of mental disorder, treatment for women who cannot be safely treated in a less secure environment, as well as a step down for women who no longer require a medium secure environment.

Admission criteria

Adult women with mental disorders who meet criteria for detention under the Mental Health Act 1983 or Criminal Procedure (Insanity and Unfitness to Plead) Act 1991. (During their time on Sinclair Unit some service users may be reclassified to informal).

We support women with complex psychopathology, where problem behaviours are likely to include: self-harm, self-neglect, fire setting, severe problems in interpersonal relations, suicidal behaviour, violence to others, substance abuse, non compliance with prescribed medication.

We also care for women who would be likely to benefit from admission to Sinclair Unit and who can be safely managed in low secure or open environments.

Treatment and care

Sinclair offers individualised biopsychosocial treatment, based on their strengths, as well as their needs, to support women with severe and enduring mental disorder, to make a successful transition from low secure accommodation to less secure hospital accommodation, or even discharged into the community. Women are supported to develop skills to progress their recovery by being as mentally well as possible in order to live a meaningful life through developing the necessary skills to be able to live safely with their mental disorder.

Although Sinclair is a low secure unit, the ward also benefits from a dedicated extra care suite to aid instances where short periods of segregation are required away from the main ward.

Next steps

With the appropriate support patients would be expected to step down to Thornton, our locked rehab ward. Alternatively, where appropriate and subject to extensive risk assessment, an individualised leave programme is developed to support rehabilitation ahead of discharge.

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