Get involved in #100ThousandHours!

#100ThousandHours is all about pledging your time to make a difference, and positively changing the life of someone in need.

We have joined forces with fellow mental health organisations to inspire people to volunteer their time to make a difference, and to showcase the wide range of volunteering opportunities that are available in mental healthcare.

The goal for the #100ThousandHours campaign is a simple one: Together with our partners Northampton Mind, Samaritans Northampton, The Lowdown and the Hope Centre, we aim to achieve a combined 100,000 hours of volunteering.

To help us achieve this amazing goal, we need your help...

If you are an individual, a business, a community group, or a team of friends and you would like to pledge your time to make a difference to the lives of people in need, all you have to do is sign up and donate some hours of volunteering with any of the campaign partners.

Click here to learn more about volunteering with us at St Andrew's Healthcare

How to sign up to #100ThousandHours

If you would like to participate in the #100ThousandHours campaign, and pledge your time to make a difference, here's what you need to do...

1. Get in touch with our Voluntary Services team by telephoning 01604 616212 or emailing

2. Choose which charity - St Andrew's Healthcare or one of our campaign partners - you would like to volunteer for (you can choose more than one if you wish!)

3. Fill in the necessary application forms, which you will be provided with

4. Start volunteering and making a difference

5. Share your volunteering pictures and experiences by using the hashtag #100ThousandHours via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

6. Visit this webpage to track how your hours are contributing to the campaign's aim of 100,000 hours

Making someone’s day is probably the best gift you can give...

"I have been volunteering at St Andrew’s Healthcare for just under three years. On a weekly basis I help to run a football session, and also with ad hoc activities throughout the year, such as at the patient summer and Christmas parties. Making someone’s day is probably the best gift you can give."

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Members of staff from Lloyds Bank Mortgage Team volunteering their time at Workbridge, Northampton.

Staff from MJ Mapp volunteering at St Andrew's Healthcare Birmingham.

Staff from MJ Mapp volunteering at St Andrew's Healthcare Birmingham.

Staff from MJ Mapp volunteering at St Andrew's Healthcare Birmingham.

Staff from MJ Mapp volunteering at St Andrew's Healthcare Birmingham.

We have opportunities for volunteers to share their skills, interests and hobbies with the people in our care.

Chaplaincy Assistant Volunteers assist the chaplaincy team with the provision of spiritual support.

Horticultural volunteers join an award-winning team, assisting in the horticulture areas.

Activity volunteers assist people with creative activities, like textiles and arts and crafts.

Volunteers in the Workbridge Garden Centre support people with their work, as well as help with the running of the shop.

Activity volunteers support and assist people with activities like ceramics and woodwork.

Charity Shop assistants get to join our lively and friendly team who run the wonderful Workbridge Charity Shop.

Befrienders are regular visitors and companions to people in our care who may not have contact with family or friends.

Pets As Therapy volunteers take their pets to the people in our care, bringing joy, comfort and companionship.

Campaign partner - St Andrew's Healthcare

St Andrew’s Healthcare provides specialist mental healthcare for people with complicated mental health needs. Our headquarters and largest site is in Northampton, but we also have facilities in Birmingham, Essex and Nottinghamshire which provide localised mental healthcare.

Dawn Wright, Volunteering Manager, explained: "Our volunteers make a massive difference to the lives of our patients, and in turn they receive our support, appreciation, training and sincere thanks. We hope that the campaign will reduce the stigma around mental health, while allowing us to recruit some new people to our team."

Read more about St Andrew's Healthcare >

Campaign partner - Northampton and District Mind

Northampton and District Mind are affiliated with National Mind, one of the leading mental health charities in England and Wales. They work to promote good mental health within the areas of Northampton, Daventry, Brackley, Towcester and South Northants.

Manager Matthew Foreman explained: “I personally began as a volunteer, as did many of the staff members at Mind and we were able to see personally what it did for us. Now as a Manager, I am able to see what volunteers add to our service. Volunteers are a vital part of our provision.”

Visit the Mind Northampton website >

Campaign partner - Northampton Samaritans

Northampton Samaritans was founded over 50 years ago when, in February 1968, they received their first call. As well as supporting people in need, volunteers and friends of Northampton Samaritans play an important role in community life.

Julie Ginns, Manager of Northampton Samaritans, said: “Northampton Samaritans are very proud to be celebrating its 50th year of providing a service in Northampton. The Samaritans are looking forward to being part of the St Andrew’s #100ThousandHours campaign as we couldn’t provide our services without the dedication of volunteers.”

Visit the Northampton Samaritans website >

Campaign partner - The Hope Centre

The Northampton Hope Centre tackles poverty and homelessness. Their work helps people experiencing the most acute problems of disadvantage, elusion and marginalisation. As well as giving practical support, they focus on helping people to help themselves, providing support and services that will enable individuals to take back control of their own lives.

Louise Danielczuk, Fundraising and Marketing Manager, said: “Volunteering plays a huge role in the development and rehabilitation of those accessing our service and we are really excited to be partnering with St Andrew’s to help reach the 100,000 hours."

Visit The Hope Centre website >

Campaign partner - The Lowdown

The Lowdown offers free and confidential counselling, sexual health and LGBTQ support services, 6 days a week in Northampton for 12 to 25-year-olds. They offer help and support for whatever young people need, whatever they are struggling with.

Ellie White, Resources and Marketing Manager at The Lowdown, said:  “Volunteers are at the heart of The Lowdown and the services we provide to young people, without them our services wouldn’t exist. We are delighted to be part of the #100ThousandHours campaign with St Andrew's, Mind, Samaritans and The Hope Centre to raise awareness of the life-changing support our volunteers give to people."

Visit The Lowdown website >

Volunteering can broaden your understanding...

“My involvement with St Andrew’s has fundamentally broadened my understanding of mental health and allowed me to participate in a world that I really knew nothing about."

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