Education for all

St Andrew's College, designed specifically for the needs of the young people in our care, is a non-maintained independent college rated as Outstanding by Ofsted in 2013 and 2016. We are very proud of our provision and the difference we make to our young people‚Äôs lives both academically and in terms of their development holistically as an individual. 

In 2020, 73 students attended the College and between them achieved a total of 380 separate qualifications. 

At the heart of our vision of 'Transforming lives' our College has the following key aims:

  • Our young people will see themselves as learners
  • Our young people will enjoy education through a curriculum tailored to their individual needs
  • Our young people will develop greater self esteem and a positive self-image through learning and therapy
  • Our young people will develop the skills and capacity to move forward in their life.

Our College is aligned with our CAMHS chosen model of Trauma Informed Care and provides a safe and supportive network for young people as they re-engage with education in our setting.

Active8 Curriculum

The Active8 curriculum has been designed to foster in pupils:

  • self-motivation
  • the application of intellectual, physical and creative effort
  • interest in their work
  • the ability to think and learn for themselves.

How do we deliver our curriculum?

This curriculum is based on the National curriculum and includes access to all subject areas, but is taught in a more bespoke way to enable our complex learners to feel safe and make progress.

Much of our Education is delivered in a 1:1 format with teachers to provide individual teaching and learning opportunities. As young people make progress we may build some group sessions into the timetable to encourage collaborative working and cooperation.

The education team work alongside other disciplines: psychiatry, psychology, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, physiotherapy, chaplaincy, dietetics, medical and nursing.  This is to ensure a bespoke and balanced educational and therapeutic timetable for all young people appropriate to their individual needs.

Activ8 is flexible enough to meet the needs of our diverse range of pupils and is matched to the individual needs of the individual, with each having a personalised timetable based upon their unique needs. It builds upon each individuals existing knowledge, skills and understanding.

This is done via a rigorous baseline assessment, interviews with the pupil, and continual formal and informal assessment of their academic progress, personal development needs and mental health journey.

Mental Health Training for Education professionals and pupils


Quality mark logo

Our Quality Mark recognises the significance and impact that promoting good mental health can have on all individuals within an educational setting, including pupils, their families and staff. The Mark is awarded to schools who demonstrate a strong commitment to the mental health agenda, and who can evidence their work while planning for the future. 

What does the Quality Mark do?

  • Equips teachers and other learning professionals with the tools and skills needed to support young people (particularly those who are vulnerable), and their families.
  • Provides emotional and practical support to teachers, to meet their own mental health needs
  • Provides signposting to useful services and support networks for young people and their families / carers
  • Provides a ready-made framework for schools to demonstrate excellence regarding mental health practice to regulatory bodies such as Ofsted, with formal accreditation.