Men's Mental Health pathway

The Men’s Mental Health pathway was developed to provide appropriate and timely care and treatment at different levels of secure care for men with mental health conditions, from medium secure to locked, and psychiatric intensive care units (PICU).

The focus of the Mens pathway is to enhance a patients’ quality of care through focused leadership and delivering a multi-disciplinary approach that empowers patients to achieve maximum autonomy. 

As a specialist provider treatment is offered to patients with the most complex mental health needs and those with enduring mental health, and to address forensic requirements and reduce challenging behaviour. 

We believe all patients should be treated with dignity and respect and cared for in the most suitable and least restrictive environment to address their clinical needs and risks. 

Our specialist Men's pathway

The Men’s pathway is divided into four specialist services of Psychosis, Older Adults, Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs) and Specialist Care which is delivered via 267 beds in total across three easily accessible sites.

Under the specialist services we are able to offer:-

Pritchard the UK’s only medium secure transitional service for young males aged 18-25

Fairbairn the largest medium secure deaf service in the UK. 

For older adult services:-

Cranford a specialist older adult medium secure service for men aged 55+.

Foster a locked rehabilitation service for men aged 55+. 

We design care for individuals, not just the condition, and we pride ourselves on our specialised, personalised approach. We aim to develop a clear set of transitional steps through the pathways to enable our patients to be supported in their progress.