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Our staff share their clinical expertise by publishing widely in a range of academic and professional publications and by presenting their work to their peers at conferences and events.

Our most recent publications are listed below by year published.

Published research

Published research - 2018

Published research - 2017

Adam, D, Rose, J, Jackson, N, Karakatsani, E (2017) Coping strategies in mothers of children with intellectual disabilities showing multiple forms of challenging behaviour: Associations with Maternal Mental Health. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy.

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Published research - 2016

Alderman, N, Major, G, Brooks, J (2016) What can structured professional judgement tools contribute to management of neurobehavioural disability? Predictive validity of the short-term assessment of risk and treatability (START) in acquired brain injury. Journal of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation.

Dolley, O, Gaylor, M, Long, C (2016) Getting the most from your treatment: Motivating engagement in women in medium secure forensic settings. Forensic Update.

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Mallas, EJ, Carletti, F, Chaddock C, Woolley, J, Picchioni, M (2016) Genome-wide discovered psychosis-risk gene ZNF804A impacts on white matter mircrostructure in health, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. PeerJ.

Morris, D, Brewer, R, Webb, A, Gray, N (2016) The evaluation of a Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) group with a detained female forensic population with a primary diagnosis of ASD: A pilot study. Forensic Update.

Murphy, P, Mason, F (2016) Psychological effects of rape and serious sexual assault. Book Chapter. Sexual Offence, Law and Practice.

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O'Shea, L, Dickens, G (2016) Role of assessment components and recent adverse outcomes in risk estimation and prediction: Use of the START in an adult secure inpatient mental health service. Psychiatry Research.

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Sen, P (2016) Themed editorial: Mental health needs of Asylum-Seekers and Refugees - challenges and solutions. BJPsych International.

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Published research - 2015

Buchanan, A (2015) Respect for dignity and forensic psychiatry. International Journal of Law Psychiatry.

Budisavljevic, S, Dell'Acqua, F, Rijsdijk, F. V, Kane, F, Picchioni, M (2015) Age-related differences and heritability of the perisylvian language networks.

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Long, C, Banyard, E, Dolley, O (2015) Living with mental illness. A cognitive behavioural group psycho education programme with women in secure settings. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

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Malcolm, C, Picchioni, M, Ellett, L (2015) Intrusive prospective imagery, post-trauma intrusions and anxiety in schizophrenia. Psychiatry Research.

Montenegro, M (2015) Sexuality and diversity training in clinical psychology courses in the UK. Clinical Psychology Forum.

Montenegro, M (2015) Evaluating 'FREDA challenge': a coproduced human rights board game in services for people with intellectual disabilities. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities.

Morris D, J. & Gray, N. (2015) Increasing knowledge of Personality Disorders in detained women with an Intellectual Disability. Journal of intellectual disabilities and offending behaviour.

O'Connell, Jackie, Reffin, C (2015) Growing Up, Sex and Me.

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O'Shea, L, Dickens, G (2015) Predictive validity of the START for unauthorised leave and substance abuse in a secure mental health setting: a pseudo-prospective cohort study. International Journal of Nursing Studies.

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Outa, C, Rose, J (2015) Is there a relationship between Role-Identity, work demands, and burnout in direct care staff working with individuals with intellectual disabilities? (In Press)

Penny, C and Exworthy, T (2015) A gilded cage is still a cage: Cheshire West widens 'deprivation of liberty'. British Journal of Psychiatry.

Rose, J et al (2015) Managers' views of the effects of their service of hosting a cognitive-behavioural anger management group. Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities.

Rose, J, Nelson, L (2015) A Preliminary Exploration of the Challenging Behaviour Perception Questionnaire: A Measure of Parental Cognitions about Challenging Behaviour. (In Press)

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Shears, J, Maher, S (2015) Social Work with people whose symptoms of psychosis have a somatic cause - reflections from practice.

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Zyrianova, Y, Alexander, L, Faruqui, R (2015) Neuropsychiatric presentations and outcomes in children and adolescents with primary brain tumours: Systemic review.

Published research - 2014

Published research - 2013

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