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Our Vision and Aims...

Our Vision:

Our charitable purpose is to relieve suffering, give hope and promote recovery. The charity has four core values, known as our CARE values: Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence.

Recovery for our patients not only requires the therapies and treatments that we can offer, but almost always needs a more holistic approach, to ensure that patients are ready to live outside a hospital environment, and are equipped to deal with the challenges of everyday life. We therefore focus a great deal on helping patients to develop practical and vocational skills that will give them the confidence to move on.

Our Aims:

  • Our young people should see themselves as learners and act accordingly.
  • Our young people should enjoy education through a curriculum that is tailored to their individual needs.
  • Our young people will develop greater self-esteem and a positive self-image through learning and therapy.
  • Our young people will develop the skills and capacity to move forward in their life.

''Senior leaders and staff have an excellent understanding of how to motivate and inspire students who experience significant personal barriers to successful learning.''

''Students' confidence and trust in the college staff contribute strongly to their outstanding personal development, including their behaviour, and their ability to make positive choices about their future.'' - Ofsted, 2016


“Thank you for all the support you have given me during my time here at St Andrew’s. You have always done your best to help me progress in education, even when my motivation levels were so low, and you believed in me. You even helped me through my exams which is a major accomplishment and I am so, so thankful for.'' - former student


“With grateful thanks and appreciation for all the support you gave to S whilst she was at FitzRoy. We were amazed that she managed to take 3 x GCSEs and was very engaged in education – in no small part due to all your efforts and encouragement.” - parent.