The VdT Model of Creative Ability!

  • Location: St Andrew's Healthcare Northampton
  • Start Date: 24th January 2017 - 10:00am
  • End Date: 24th January 2017 - 04:00pm

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The day will explain how the model can be used effectively in a forensic setting, supporting highly challenging patients on their recovery journey

 Keynote Speaker: Louise Jefferies

Keynote Speaker: Louise Jefferies

 Programme for the day:

9.30am       Coffee & Registration

10.00am      Welcome

10.10am      Implementing the VdT Model of Creative Ability in a forensic service – Louise Jeffries, senior Occupational Therapist, St Andrew’s Healthcare and Co-Director of the VdT Model of Creative Ability Foundation UK

This session will help you to understand how the VdT Model of Creative Ability was implemented in Robinson, a medium secure men’s mental health service.  You will find out how the initial analytical survey identified patients’ needs and where the service needed to focus and develop OT treatment. We will cover a detailed description of the steps taken, the processes put into place and the priorities for implementation.

11.15am    Coffee Break

11.30am     Presentation continued

Next, we will look at the OT process of assessment, identifying treatment priorities, planning and implementing intervention and how the model has changed these practices. The use of the Activity Participation Outcome Measure will be used to demonstrate tangible change in patients’ level of function as a direct result of OT intervention. We will discuss the process of change to adapt the existing programme and how the levels of Creative Ability helped to focus the therapy programme.

We will present examples of new activities introduced to the programme, taking into consideration patients’ limited ability to engage in a varied programme and looking at the restrictions of medium security. The session will conclude with an overview of how the OT team introduced the model to the MDT and how the team is now looking to further embed the model in to practice.

 12.30pm     Lunch (included)

During lunch attendees will have the opportunity to observe displays of programmes, relevant documentation and activity ideas. You will also have the opportunity to network with colleagues.

 1.45pm       Group exercise - what are the challenges for implementing the model in your service?

Attendees will work in groups to discuss the above. Facilitators will spend time with each group to discuss potential opportunities for implementation and any barriers.  Each group will be asked to create an action plan and share their plan with the delegates.  

2:30pm       Groups to feedback their ideas

3:00pm       Questions, discussion and close


Delegate fee £25.00


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