Coping with stress and building resilience

Is it normal to struggle sometimes? YES. Because as well as being a healthcare worker, you are a human being. You are on the frontline during this crisis, and busy looking after other people. You may have family and friends who you are also worried about. Sometimes it's hard to look after yourself when faced with such a difficult situation. 

People respond in different ways to pressure. Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong way to feel. Some days you may been energised, proud, excited about work and the care you are providing. Other days (or even later the same day) you may feel overcome, broken, guilty or confused. These are all normal responses to stress and upset. 

Try not to worry too much; these feelings are likely to be temporary. Stress and crisis challenge us, but they don't necessary damage us. Here's some tips help: 

  • Keep connected - there is a whole world out there, talk to people. Enjoy mutual support and collaboration
  • Rest - ensure you get enough sleep. Struggling to relax? Try something completely different. Remember, breathing in calms the body, breathing out calms the mind.
  • Respect your own, and others', needs - everyone has boundaries and differences
  • Be flexible if you can - this is an ever-changing situation, so don't be afraid of change
  • Seek help if you need it - acknowledge your feelings, don't bottle them up. 

This information has been provided by PRoMIS, a collaboration between senior clinicians at the Rivers Centre for Traumatic Stress in NHS Lothian, and The Anchor Psychological Trauma Service in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. 

For more information, visit their National Wellbeing Hub!