St Andrew's launches episode 2 of 'On the Ward'

LISTEN: S1: Ep2 | On the Ward: Fit Mind

St Andrew’s Healthcare has today released episode 2 of On the Ward, a unique five-part podcast, which aims to demystify what it’s like for patients and staff living and working in a secure mental health hospital.

The second episode ‘Fit Mind’ focuses on Sport and Exercise and how important this is in helping patients through their mental health journeys. 

We hear from one patient who has cannabis psychosis, a mental health problem that causes people to perceive or interpret things differently from those around them.

The patient opens up to the host of the podcast and nurse, John-Barry Waldron, about how frightening his condition is and how football and his love of Man City has helped him through some very dark times.

“When I was 19 years old I caught Cannabis psychosis” the patient tells John.

“All I used to do was stay in bed and smoke weed… I smoked that much of it…I ended up in… hospital.”

When asked about what it feels like to have the condition, the patient explains:

“It was horrible. Every time I opened up my eyes from falling asleep it felt like I’d had loads of ecstasy tablets. My eyes used to flash, and it was just horrible.”  

“You had a real catastrophic mental breakdown… so what do you think changed?” John asks.

“I started playing football. I support Man City as well, they’re going to win the league”, the patient explains.

Assistant Psychologist Mel Morgan is on hand to provide expert advice on the positive benefits of sport and exercise. We also hear from personal trainer Glen who speaks how exercise is able to reduce anxiety, and lift negative mood by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. 

Episode 2 is available to stream now: