Autistic Spectrum Disorder - locked

At St Andrew’s, we recognise the importance of Transforming Care and we are continuing to develop services which facilitate patient transition from secure care back into the community.

For some patients a direct move back to the community, from secure and inpatient provision can be a demanding step.

Continuing with risk and behaviour-related work, combined with developing independent living skills, will significantly improve the likelihood of a successful transition.

To bridge this gap between a more structured, controlled low secure environment, and a full return to community living, St Andrew’s offers Garden Cottage as part of our comprehensive ASD pathway.

Providing a homely 5-bedded locked house, located in close proximity to our low secure ASD service, allows us to test greater levels of autonomy and risk in a safe setting whilst we continue to develop a patient’s skills and confidence in activities of daily living.

Admission criteria

Males that meet one or more of the following:

  • diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • on a pathway back to independent living where risk has diminished, however, either exposure to total community living or a lack of independent living skills pose a challenge to a move straight to the community i.e. potential for break-down is high
  • with reduced risk (with or working towards unescorted leave).

Preparing for the community

Patients who are engaged in therapeutic activities and groups are able to continue this work whilst their levels of independence are tested and explored.

With high levels of Occupational Therapy and Social Work input patients will develop the capability to:

  • Cook their own meals
  • Maintain the cleanliness of their bedroom
  • Manage their laundry
  • Manage their own budget.

Whilst these skills are emerging we will continue to provide input and can phase support according to their pace of progress.

Vocational experience is supported either in the community or at our Workbridge (community facing) facility at St Andrew’s.

A supportive rehabilitation environment

Garden Cottage offers an environment which replicates the experience of living in a house based in the community whilst maintaining close proximity to an extensive MDT and a huge range of on-site facilities.

The house comprises:

  • Communal lounge area
  • 2 bedrooms with ensuite facilities
  • 3 further bedrooms with 2 communal bathrooms
  • 2 fully equipped kitchens and dining areas
  • Garden with lawn and raised beds for planting

More information

ASD brochure


Patients will be encouraged to develop their community engagement skills and utilise facilities outside of the immediate St Andrew’s grounds.

This may also include access to Workbridge, our vocational skills service, providing patients with the opportunity to interact with the general public in a range of service-related scenarios.

For patients who are not yet ready to make this step, there are a range of facilities on-site, including:

  • Gym and fitness suites
  • Hairdressers
  • IT suites
  • Library
  • Multi-faith facilities.
Next Steps 

After an anticipated length of stay of 12 months, we would envisage that patients move to community provision back in their home area.

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