A charity providing specialist mental healthcare

We are St Andrew's, a mental health Charity. Our purpose is to inspire hope for those living with complex mental health needs.

We work in partnership with NHS, voluntary, academic and research organisations to deliver specialist inpatient and community mental healthcare services.

Our expertise, together with education and research, helps to improve the lives of people with complex mental health needs. 

We are looking to a future with less stigma, more community support, more research and education, and to ensure that mental health policies are sustainable and lead to real change.

Please watch our short animation below, and join us in our mission: to help people transform their lives, and create a society where everyone with complex mental health needs is heard, valued and has hope for their future.

Hope - An animation about our strategy

Listening + Changing

As a charity working in partnership with others, we are continuously seeking feedback to improve the services we offer. If you have used or come in contact with our services, please let us know your views, opinions, thoughts or ideas to help us continuously improve.

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