Welcome to Research & Innovation at St Andrew's Healthcare

Research & Innovation supports St Andrew’s Healthcare clinicians and external collaborators in delivering our emerging research strategy, focused on improving the lives of people who experience complex mental health issues.

We fund, design and deliver collaborative patient-driven research, generating knowledge and interventions to enhance the lives of patients with some of the most complex mental health needs in the UK.

Our research approach underpins the wider charity’s agenda to deliver value-based, outcome-driven healthcare, delivered through individually personalised care packages and prioritising physical as well as mental health.

We share our knowledge through conference presentations, academic publications and publication in professional media. Our extensive academic library is well used by students and other research professionals.


Research Reports

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Research Report 2018/19 Research Report 2019/20

Research priorities

At St Andrew's Healthcare Research & Innovation, we want to drive a new agenda for mental health research in:

  • Personalisation: building a patient-centred knowledge base to change individual care and outcomes
  • Mental and physical health: developing treatments for the whole person, exploring the interplay between mental and physical conditions
  • Transition: enhancing event prediction and care precision to improve patient flow across mental and physical health systems and settings

If your research plans align with ours, please click here to see how you can collaborate with us.


Research Documents

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Research Policy, December 2019 STAH research strategy 2018 2022