Specialist mental health services

As a Charity, our role is to promote healing and relieve the suffering of people experiencing mental ill health, caring for a wide variety of people and treating a range of different, and often complex, conditions. Through inpatient and outpatient services, we’re able to support individuals at varying stages of their treatment; whether this is the first time they have accessed mental health support or they’re on a rehabilitation pathway back to independent community living. 

With specialist care for adolescents, adults and older adults, our in-depth expertise covers trauma, personality disorder, psychosis, autism, learning disability, brain injury, complex dementia and Huntington’s disease.  

The range of support we’re able to provide includes: 

1.Inpatient services; medium and low secure, locked rehabilitation, community step-down.

2.Private therapy; outpatient assessment and treatment

3.Workbridge; work and life skills development 

4.Expert insight; criminal justice interventions and reporting

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