How to refer a patient

At St Andrew’s we understand how a simple referral process makes all the difference.

Our referral process ensures your patient receives the best level of care as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our central admissions team are trained to handle your referral and answer your questions, and where necessary direct you to the appropriate person. From start to finish, one individual will manage the process and keep you updated.

There are three key routes to refer a patient, depending on their needs: 

  1. 1. Medium and Low secure services
  2. 2. Locked and open rehabilitation services
  3. 3. Psychiatric Intensive Care 

Medium and Low secure services

1. Patient needs identified.

2. Apply to the patient's Local Area Team to perform an Access Assessment to confirm the agreed patient requirements.

3. After completing the Access Assessment, download, and complete, the relevant referral form from this page.

4. Complete and return the Access Assessment, recent clinical reports and documents via email to:
[email protected] or to our safe haven fax: 01604 603218

5. We will confirm receipt and arrange assessment with the relevant service.


Locked and open rehabilitation services 

1. Download the relevant referral form from this page.

2. Complete and return the form, with recent clinical reports and documents via email to: 
[email protected] or to our safe haven fax at: 01604 603218

Please note: we will be required to make the relevant Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) aware of the referral and gain their agreement prior to arranging and assessment.

3. Once received we will confirm receipt and arrange the assessment with the relevant service. 


Psychiatric Intensive Care (PICU)  

1. Call the relevant location, based on your needs, to confirm bed availability:

                            - Northampton, Men’s: 01604 616 111

                            - Northampton, Women’s: 01604 614 584

                            - Essex, Men’s: 01268 723 930

                            - Essex, Women’s: 01268 723 860

  2. Based on ward bed availability, complete the PICU referral form (found at the top of this page).

 3. Return the form, and relevant clinical supporting information, via fax (number identified on the referral form).

Since 1 February 2019, nurses have been trialling body cameras in our male and female PICUs in Northampton.