Career development at St Andrew's

We know that our staff are our greatest asset and we take our role as a good and ethical employer very seriously.

Over 4,000 valued members of staff work across our sites in a wide range of disciplines, both clinical and non-clinical, and all have the same opportunities and access to development.

We actively encourage continuous learning and development in all parts and levels of the charity. We invest significant time and resource in equipping each person for their role with us, to maintain and improve the quality of the care we provide. 

From the first day you join us, we provide training and development opportunities tailored to your role and career aspirations.

Whether you are considering becoming a consultant psychiatrist, an accountant, a gardener, an administrator, a nurse, a laundry assistant or a health worker - we offer unrivalled opportunities for you to realise your full potential.

Find your career with us today.

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The ASPIRE programme - nurse training

In order to deliver fantastic patient outcomes, we need the very best staff. Our nursing team are the lifeblood of the Charity, and work tirelessly to help our patients recover and enjoy life.

The shortage of qualified Mental Health and Learning Disability nurses is a national issue, and we are working hard to address the balance.

In 2016 we launched the ASPIRE programme, which enables our staff to develop and move through the nursing profession without needing to leave the charity. The programme helps at least 20 Healthcare Assistants per year to gain a nursing degree, supported by a salary support initiative of over £17,000 per annum. From there, we encourage our nursing staff to move on to even more senior roles within the charity, so we grow our own experts.

The ASPIRE programme is open to our Healthcare Assistants who have achieved either a Level 4 Certificate in Mental Health, or have a first degree in a health related subject. It allows them to combine their learning and experience and jump straight into the second year of the University of Northampton’s Mental Health or Learning Disability Nursing degree, then completing their nursing degree in two years. While they’re studying, the Charity supports them financially and through pastoral care.

Once our ASPIRE students return to St Andrew’s full-time, in the role of staff-nurse, they:

  • Have a greater understanding of patients
  • Return as mental health champions, with a heightened awareness of mental health
  • Share their enhanced knowledge with others
  • Have increased confidence when treating patients
  • Have increased confidence in Multi-Disciplinary Team members’ approaches / decisions
  • Have a positive impact on their colleagues, often encouraging others to develop themselves
  • Deliver more timely, consistent, high quality care.



At St Andrew’s we are pleased to be able to offer our staff a wide range of apprenticeship programmes.

These are available at different levels in subjects related to hospitality and catering, business administration, IT, HR, leadership, management and clinical and nursing disciplines.

By offering inclusive access to further training, we can ensure we unlock the potential in all our staff, while promoting diversity across our charity.

Investing in our people

Your career at St Andrew’s Healthcare will begin with a group induction, which gives you the opportunity to learn more about us and what you can expect.

The induction also gives you the chance to meet new colleagues and also experts with lived experience, who have been in our care.

From there, you will also gain a personal induction to the division or are you will be working in, and gain support from an allocated mentor.

Each year we invest in core skills refresher training for all staff on a range of important topics. We use e-learning, alongside practical skills training, an approach that is well-received.

Our dedicated team offers support to anyone, at any level, in any department, interested in their own development. We provide courses, workshops and coaching, leadership development and a continuing professional development (CPD) programme.

The most important thing is: You’re in the driver’s seat. We encourage you to drive your development needs as part of a regular individual performance and development review (IPDR).