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Speech and Language Therapy at St Andrew's

Our patients and your colleagues will expect you to live the St Andrew’s CARE values of Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence every single day.

Our Speech and Language Therapy team assesses and treats patients who have difficulties with speech, language and communication, or with eating, drinking and swallowing (dysphagia). We also offer screening to check the hearing of every St Andrew's patient as part of their physical healthcare.

We are committed to ensuring that all patients referred to us reach their full potential in their ability to communicate, and are able to eat and drink as safely as possible. This means we take a personally tailored approach to every patient we work with, combining direct and indirect support designed specifically to meet their particular needs.

Roles in speech and language therapy

Our department is structured in the following way to meet the needs of its patients.

The Secure Services Team for Speech and Language Therapy works across a variety of clinical pathways, including  autistic spectrum disorder, learning disability and working/older age psychiatry.
The Neuropsychiatry Team for Speech and Language Therapy works across acquired brain injury and progressive conditions.

Speech and Language Therapy is a centralised service, which means our team members are supported and managed by someone within their own profession. We employ a variety of clinical grades and offer a range of clinical and learning development opportunities, supporting career progression within the department.

Your first year with us

We are an enthusiastic and hardworking team. You will be given a warm welcome, regular opportunities to work alongside colleagues to enable you to develop your confidence and competence across clinical pathways, and access to internal and external training events.

We expect you to join us in our commitment to improving patient care, and to complete your mandatory training and identified learning and development objectives. You will be supported in your role through regular team meetings, professional development events, protected time to engage in clinical supervision and regular reviews of your development and training needs.