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Posted on Jun 9 2020 by Bobbie Kelly

We're proud to support Carers Week!

St Andrew’s are proud to support Carers Week, which runs from 8 to 14 June 2020, and this year the theme is Making Caring Visible.

We value the insights of family, friends and carers and the role they can play in supporting patients. We want to do our best to support you and to find out your views on our services and the help we can give you.

Our vision is that carers, families and friends are visible, valued, recognised and involved as partners in care. We understand the importance of listening and communicating effectively with you, and will support you in maintaining your wellbeing.

Here our Jess Lievesley, Deputy CEO, shares a short Carers Week video.








The term 'Carer' can often be confusing. In the context of supporting Carers Week, a ‘Carer’ is someone who provides support for a relative or friend who has a disability, long-term illness or other additional needs. The support includes emotional support. This is not to be mixed up with the term for those care givers who work for care agencies, care homes and hospitals. By this definition, many of us may be ‘Carers’, whether we recognise it or not.

Did you know?
• Latest figures show that 1 in 6 adults (around 8.8 million people) are carers.
• Every day another 6,000 people take on a caring responsibility – that equals over 2 million people each year.
• There is a 50:50 chance that any one of us will become a carer by the time we are 50 years old.
• The majority of carers provide over 50 hours of care per week.
• Over 1 million people care for more than one person. (Figures from Carers UK) 

Supporting carers (family and friends of patients)
Our Carers Centre is currently closed to visitors due to coronavirus, but we are pleased to offer support to our carers in other ways;

  • Our Carers support line is open to help the friends and families of our patients (Mon – Fri 9am to 6pm) Tel: 01604 616125
  • Families and loved ones of our patients can also send messages and photos by email to the Carers Centre, who will print them out and send them to the wards to give to the patient. Just put the patient’s initials and ward in the title of the email and send to

Making caring visible to friends, family and at work
Caring can lead to feelings of loneliness and being disconnected from friends and family, as well as, for some, having to balance work and care. Meanwhile social isolation and social distancing has meant that some carers find themselves removed from those normally around them. Greater understanding from friends, family and colleagues about how to support carers can help to combat feelings of loneliness.

Visible to other carers
Sometimes a few words from someone who understands your situation can be a lifeline for carers. Caring can be difficult and isolating, so speaking to someone who knows what they are going through can make a big difference. Whether by phone or online, keeping in touch with carers can be of huge importance and can help them feel recognised, supported or loved.

We would like to share with you some ideas of where you may find support, inspiration and some practical hints and tips during these difficult times that may be helpful to you or to pass on to carers you are in touch with.

Here are some helpful links: