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Posted on Mar 5 2019 by

St Andrew's 2018 gender pay gap report shows good progress

​Today we've published our latest gender pay gap report (click link on the right to view the report). We first shared this information last year in line with new guidelines, which ask employers to share information about the difference between pay levels for men and women that work for them.

Our results were very strong against the national average last year, and we're pleased to report that the figures are even more positive this year:


The median pay gap compares the salary that sits in the middle between highest and lowest. This year our median pay gap is 0% - that is, there is no difference between median pay for males and females.


Mean pay is the average salary across all males and females in the organisation. Last year it was 9% - meaning that mean female pay was 9% lower than mean male pay. The gap has now narrowed to 5.6%. Both of these figures are significantly lower than the national average, and we are working to narrow the gap even further.

Martin Kersey, HR Director, said: "We're delighted that we are outperforming the national average in gender pay gap. The statistics show that in general, men in the UK generally receive higher salaries than women. We're proud that this isn't the case at St Andrew's.

"We’re committed to inclusion in all its forms. We know that diversity is one of our greatest strengths, contributing positively to our success and, most importantly, to the care we provide for our patients. We're actively working to become more diverse, through initiatives such as inclusive apprenticeships, unconscious bias training for managers and gender diversity requirements in shortlisting senior roles.”