Men's Mental Health - low secure

A low secure admission, assessment and slow stream mental illness rehabilitation unit for men aged between 18 and 65 years old. 

Danbury Ward is an 18 bedded ward located in Essex which has been developed with a specialist treatment philosophy and therapies for chronic and treatment-resistant mentally ill patients, particularly those who have stalled in their treatment elsewhere and are at risk of institutionalisation.

The ward specialises in revitalising, motivating and moving on patients that have been stuck in the healthcare system for a significant period of time, and are at risk of being institutionalised. The ward is staffed to assist patients who display serious cognitive deficits, lack motivation and engagement or complex risk profiles who are requiring prolonged period of leave testing. 

Admissions criteria

Males aged between 18 and 65 years old who present with severe, persistent and acute psychotic disorders which may include behavioural difficulties and mental health conditions including:

  • schizophrenia (and other forms of psychosis)
  • bi-polar
  • depression
  • development deficit
  • acquired deficit
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • post-traumatic stress disorder.

These criteria are a guide for assessing suitability. Each patient will be individually assessed by our dedicated team.

Treatment and care

Our unique approach includes a biopsychosocial model of healthcare which focuses on the development of insight, awareness and relapse prevention strategies. This framework reflects society and creates a sense of inclusion which prepares the individual for the next phase of their recovery and reintegration, including regular community meetings where collective issues and ideas for the ward are discussed.

Patients are supported by our dynamic multidisciplinary team (MDT), led by a consultant forensic psychiatrist with experience of risk management and the medical and legal issues that mentally ill patients and offenders may face. Supported by a strong psychology presence that can tailor individual therapy to deal with intricate and ingrained issues, the team also includes:
• occupational therapist
• social workers
• speech and language therapists
• Nurses.

We aim to exceed the recommended 25 hours of meaningful activity.

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Men's Mental Health

Next steps

Discharge is considered at admission and our clinical and social work teams work with appropriate case managers to support a transition.

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