Arts for health and wellbeing

REDS Academy is a free service for our patients, carers and staff to help improve their health and wellbeing, gaining positive feelings about today and confidence in their future.

At REDS Academy we offer recovery-focused educational courses to help students better understand mental health issues, learn self-management techniques and gain skills to give them better hopes for the future.

We offer education, not therapy, and focus on talents, not people’s challenges. Our courses are designed and delivered with input from people with lived experience of mental health challenges. 


REDS Academy prospectus

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Our courses

Current courses include: 

  • What is Borderline Personality Disorder?
  • Meditation
  • What is Recovery?
  • Finding Hope
  • Tai-Chi for Wellbeing
  • Managing your Money
  • Basic Life Skills
  • Drama
  • Healthy Eating

Lived Experience

We involve people with ‘lived experience’ of mental health challenges in designing our courses. 

Many lead our courses as a ‘Peer Trainer’, and our Practitioner Trainers have professional insight of mental health challenges. This way, each course
is centred on real life experience.

How REDS is unique

Our workshops and courses are not focused on analysing and assessing individuals, but educating and empowering them.

Many courses are open to carers, patients and staff, removing ‘us’ and ‘them’ labels and creating a rich learning environment based on respect and equality.

Get involved!

REDS Academy relies on involvement from our staff, patients and their friends and families. If you’d like to get involved in designing or delivering courses, contact us at [email protected]