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Neuropsychiatry - complex dementia

We deliver positive experiences that optimise outcomes for older adults with dementia and other Progressive Neurological Conditions (PNC). 

For some people with a PNC (such as dementia) their cognitive skills and behavioural management can fragment, resulting in complex and challenging behaviour, and limited or inappropriate social interaction. In addition many patients have co-morbid physical and mental health needs that require management in parallel to their primary diagnosis.

Our Neuropsychiatry service at St Andrew’s has developed a range of treatment programmes and environments to support the unique needs of older adults living with a PNC. We provide a variety of specialist therapies that have been designed to build quality of life while managing cognitive decline and challenging behaviour.

During their time with us we help patients to re-gain social and interpersonal skills where possible while also supporting medical and physical healthcare needs, to assist return to their community. We also combine palliation services where appropriate, enabling people to live well with a life-long or deteriorating condition.

Our RAID® approach

Our commitment to the person-centred care:  Reinforce Appropriate, Implode Disruptive (RAID®)

As the first RAID® Centre of Excellence we have incorporated the RAID® model principles (Positive, Meaningful, Engagement and Reinforcement) in to every interaction, to understand each patient’s needs and tailor care around them.

We encourage the use of positive and pro-active strategies that decrease the likelihood of challenging behaviours and provide opportunities to engage patients in morale-boosting and positive discussions.

The process of recording positive ‘Green’ behaviours has the following effects:

  • Increases the opportunity for healthcare workers to recognise and reinforce positive behaviours
  • Increases identifiable triggers of green behaviours that healthcare staff can use to optimise the patient care
  • Helps to reduce the possibilities for patient distress
  • Promotes a person-centred approach in all interactions
  • Supports care tailored to the individual and optimises functional ability
  • We also have registered Dementia Care Mappers who adopt a holistic approach to improving life for each individual by viewing the care being delivered through the perspective of the patient

Crisis Admission Service

Find out more about our Crisis Admission Service

Crisis Admission Service

Our Dementia service at a glance

We provide tailored treatment for people with dementia, focusing on three core components; neuropsychiatry, cognitive deficits and physical / motor deficits.  Our services include:

  • > in-patient service for older adults with a PNC, including dementia
  • > adapted environments and specialist equipment
  • > rapid response admissions for short-term stabilisation
  • > highly specialised professionals form ward-based MDTs
  • > specialist input including Dieticians, GP and podiatry
  • > ability to manage complex and challenging behaviour
  • > active care wards designed to maximise functional ability
  • > gender specific wards
  • > therapies and activities to enhance patient quality of life
  • > dedicated social workers to support placement transitions
  • > Access to MRI, CT neuroimaging and medical healthcare facilities
  • > CQC rated Good for Neuropsychiatry services
  • > Dedicated dysphagia kitchen, and winner of 2016 Healthcare Caterer of the Year
  • > 140 acre landscaped campus
  • > Central location with excellent access to M1, and rail and air services

Suitable for patients detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (2007) or on a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard Order (DoLS), or informal.

Rapid Response service for older adults in crisis

We also offer rapid assessment and admission for patients whose behavioural presentation or cognitive function has deteriorated and who require urgent stabilisation and intensive therapy in a safe environment.

Our programmes deliver treatment to support a return to community once the crisis period has subsided, and also offers a service for patients requiring a more extensive care package. Read our brochure.

Dementia Friendly Programme


We are proud to support the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friendly programme, which aims to transform the way people think, act and talk about the condition. We are committed to helping our staff understand how you can live well with dementia, and how the condition may affect patients, visitors or employees.

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