Autistic Spectrum Disorder - low secure

As one of the only dedicated ASD services in Birmingham, Speedwell is ideally situated to provide care close to home for men with autism in a low secure setting. 

Part of the largest secure ASD pathway in the country, Speedwell provides an evidence-based, highly personalised, holistic service through an expansive multi-disciplinary team with experience of supporting patients with Autism.

With a focus on engagement in a therapeutic environment, we utilise the latest ASD specific tools and techniques for forensic and non-forensic patients, with a focus on making genuine positive change and development.

We recognise that each ASD patient has a truly unique set of needs and therefore we believe in developing an in-depth understanding of each individual in order to improve their quality of life and reduce risk.

Admissions criteria

Speedwell accepts male patients aged over 18 with a primary;

  • ASD diagnosis 


  • for assessment pending diagnosis; who typically do not have a learning disability

although some patients with a mild or borderline learning disability, IQ of 50 or above may be considered .

Stabilisation and Assessment

The initial stage of treatment aims to assess distressing symptoms, stabilise risk behaviours, reduce anxiety and promote engagement with therapy. We use dedicated disgnostic tools recommended in the NICE guidelines to produce multi-disciplinary formulation of needs. We address:

ASD Needs
- social interaction
- communication
- sensory differences   

Health and wellbeing needs   
- mental health
- physical health
- nutrition
- activity and exercise

Vocational needs
- Education
- Vocation
- Occupation 
- Life-skills
- Volunteering
- Employment

During Rehabilitation and recovery we utilise risk reducing therapeutic activities and interventions to develop new skills and address offending behaviour. These may include:

- Offending behaviour therapies e.g. arson setting, sexual offending.
- Cognitive-behavioural therapy
- Substance misuse
- Anxiety Management
- Occupational therapy
- Speech and language therapy.

A specialist team
As a specialist service, the extensive in-house multidisciplinary team (MDT) has received training specifically in supporting individuals with autism.

Community re-integration

With the ultimate aim of stepping a patient down to a community setting, we focus on meaningful outcomes in the least restrictive environment.

We utilise well established outcome measures to track a patient’s progress against their care programme. At the point of discharge, patients will have gained the skills in order to make a successful transition back into the community.

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