Criminal Justice

Working as partners alongside the Criminal Justice System, St Andrew's Healthcare is committed to breaking the cycle of crime and reducing rates of reoffending.

As the UK's leading mental healthcare charity, we are in the unique position to reinvest all our surpluses into improved care, education, research and training. Our expertise allows us to tackle the root causes of offending and support offenders away from a life of crime.

Transforming Rehabilitation

We are proud to work with London Community Rehabilitation Company to provide Psychological assessment and therapy. The interventions are specifically designed for offenders post sentence and aim to address mental health issues and offending behaviour.

Our highly specialised team of Psychologists and Assistant Psychologists provide one to one psychological therapy in probation offices across London for those on community orders or probation and is proving to be one of the most effective approaches in reducing recidivism rates within this population.

A well utilised and successful service, we are confident that this service will expand given that mental health affects 60% of people in the criminal justice system. 


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For further information about Transforming Rehab and the MHTR please call us on 01604 616010.

Mental Health Treatment Requirement (MHTR) service

It is widely known that there is a higher prevalence of mental health problems among offenders than in the general public.

Research suggests that within our national probation service 39% of offenders are likely to have a mental illness and those with serious conditions are twice as likely to fail in community supervision.

Given these facts, mental ill health in the probation caseload is, for the most part, currently unrecognised and untreated.

In April 2014 St Andrew’s Healthcare, in partnership with Thames Valley Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) and the social charity People Potential Possibilities (P3), created the first model to deliver a therapeutic response at the point of sentencing for offenders with mental health problems within Milton Keynes Magistrates Court.

Set up as a national pilot scheme, the approach offers rapid diversion for offenders, following a MHTR community order, into effective treatments to address re-offending, mental health and social care issues.

Offenders referred into the service as part of an MHTR order present with a variety of mental health issues, such as depression, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, self-esteem and confidence issues.

Our psychologists deliver bespoke psychological Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) interventions to relieve psychological distress and reduce re-offending.

Outcomes included:

20% risk reduction in the estimated likelihood of offending

85% decrease in offenders showing symptoms of anxiety

81% decrease in offenders showing symptoms of psychological distress

79% decrease in offenders showing depressive symptoms

Significant increase in the use of MHTR by Milton Keynes Court to address offender needs

Significant improvements in coping skills and social adjustments.