Veterans Complex Treatment Service

Welcome to the Complex Treatment Service (CTS) for ex-service personnel.

The service is designed for veterans from the Midlands and East of England who have been assessed by the Veteran’s Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison (TIL) Service and require a more intensive care and treatment approach.

How do St Andrew’s and the TILS service work together?

St Andrew’s works alongside the TIL Service to support the mental health of veterans who require intensive therapy for any military-related conditions.

Our expert clinicians have a detailed understanding of the barriers you may have faced when accessing care before and can support you to overcome the issues that have previously impacted on your recovery.

We also work alongside a range of support services to provide you with a complete service to meet your needs.

Who provides the treatment?

Upon referral, you will be assigned a Clinical Liaison Nurse who will help you to manage all aspects of your care, both via our service and other statutory and voluntary services you may be involved with.

A specialist Lead Psychologist and Multi-Disciplinary team will work with you to develop your individual treatment plan.

Where will I receive my treatment?

We can meet you in a location as close to your home as possible for our first session. To reduce travel time we can offer subsequent sessions in person, over the telephone or via Skype, if appropriate.

How will the Complex Treatment Service help you?

• You can only access the Veterans’ Mental Health CTS via the TIL Service. This ensures that any previous treatment and support has been considered and you are referred in a timely manner to your local service.

• The service provides a range of intensive care and treatment for people with military-related complex mental health difficulties.

• You will be supported by a military-aware team who will develop a personalised care plan with you. Your Clinical Liaison Nurse will make sure you get the support you need from a range of services.

NHS England awarded us the CTS contract due to our innovative approaches and expertise in helping people to recover. Our successful outpatient clinic is recommended by 97% of our patients.*

*June 2015 - May 2017

How do I access this service?

The TIL Service will review your referral and arrange for you to have an assessment with the St Andrew’s Complex Treatment Service, if appropriate.

You can only access this service via a referral from the TIL Service. Please speak to your point of contact at the TIL Service to see if this is an appropriate service for you.