Members of the [email protected]'s recently shared their experience and day to day working with The OT Magazine.

The team of seven, which comprises of four musicians and three artists, are harnessing their creative skills for the greater good of wellbeing. With a plethora of creative interests, they deliver sessions aimed at addressing individual needs in therapy. These sessions range from musical activities, to physical arts and even animation and motion graphics!

Greg Floyd, Music Specialist- OT Instructor, allows patients to lead the approach of the sessions with activities they feel comfortable with. “Individual sessions tend to be patient-led,” he states “Tailored to both the goals identified on their referral from the OT for the session, and the needs and preferences they present while in attendance, which can vary week to week – or minute by minute in some cases.”

Greg combines a mixture of skills such as music production, song writing and even recording opportunities within his tuneful sessions.

When asked what the best part of her role was, Visual Arts Specialist –OT Technical Instructor, Alison Williams speaks of the blend of her two passions coming together as one. “I absolutely love my job. I get to marry creative and clinical goals together.”

Alison coordinates physical art projects that range from sewing all the way toward printmaking and photography. These industry level skill sets will also equip patients with the knowledge and practical experience to confidently present and curate work.

“Sessions are co-produced, bespoke creative journeys that align clinical and patient goals.” Says David Saunders, Arts Coodinator – OT Technical Instructor, who specialises in all things digital media. He heads up photography, graphic design, illustration and 3D sessions, ensuring patients can progress naturally and comfortably with each intricate activity. “When sessions are completed I write a progress note for each of these and summarise with a structured report every 12 weeks.”

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