Older Men's Mental Health - medium secure

The UK’s only dedicated medium secure service for older men aged over 55 years old.

Cranford is a 17 bed ward that provides a safe and age appropriate environment for the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of people with a primary diagnosis of mental illness with significant risk behaviours and complex presentations that require tailored care. The ward and bedrooms have been designed and adapted for patients who have mobility problems, with staff experienced in managing complex mental health (including cognitive impairment), mobility and physical health needs.

Cranford Ward has been accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists College Centre for Quality Improvements (CCQI) for Inpatient Mental Health Services – Wards for Older People (AIMS-OP)

We pride ourselves in supporting both mental and physical healthcare and work in partnership with the patient and carers/relatives to make informed choices and provide an excellent living environment which is adapted/appropriate to the patients’ needs. 

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Admissions criteria

For males aged 55 and older (we will assess patients who are younger dependent on individual cases)

  • a primary diagnosis of mental illness
  • co-morbidities including 
  • personality disorder 
  • dementia 
  • substance misuse 
  • borderline intellectual impairment 
  • development disorders
  • physical health or mobility issues
  • significant challenging/ risk behaviours 
  • a forensic history
  • be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983

Patients are supported by a full time, on-site MDT:

  • HCAs and Registered Nurses
  • Clinical Nurse Leaders
  • Nurse Manager
  • Responsible Clinician
  • Associate Specialist
  • Consultant Clinical Psychologist
  • Assistant Psychologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor
  • Social Worker

Treatment and care

Tailored therapies are at the heart of what we do, meeting the needs and interests of the patients and providing opportunities to maximise quality of life.

On admission a patient is assessed and a programme of individual care is produced based on their needs.
Cranford is supported by a range of other services including:

  • general practitioner
  • pharmacist
  • primary health care nurse
  • dentist (dental assessment and dental hygiene services)
  • visual and hearing review
  • dietician
  • speech and language therapist
  • physiotherapist
  • chaplain
  • podiatrist
  • geriatrician.

The ward are able to tailor specific interventions depending on the needs of the individual:
We aim to exceed the recommended 25 hours of meaningful activity.


Next steps

Discharge is considered at admission and our clinical and social work teams work with appropriate case managers to support a transition.