Men's Mental Health - medium secure

A medium secure acute admissions ward for men with complex needs and a forensic history aged between 18 and 65 years old.

Edgbaston is a 15 bed ward for men who require assessment and treatment of mental illness. Patients are often transferred from prison, high secure services and other medium secure services to have their condition stabilised, before either returning to complete their sentence or to remain in hospital care.  

Patients may have more than one mental health diagnosis including functional/ organic psychosis, personality disorder and substance misuse problems.

Because of the benefit of our location we can step patients down to low secure services on site making a safer transition.

Admission criteria

Males aged 18 to 65 years old experiencing mental health problems including :

  • mental illness 
  • learning disability 
  • personality disorders
  • are a significant risk, best managed by the physical, procedural or relational security level
  • challenging behaviours 
  • a forensic history or index offence that require a medium secure environment.
  • are detained or eligible for detention under the Mental Health Act 1983

These criteria are a guide for assessing suitability. Each patient will be individually assessed by our dedicated team.

Treatment and care

Within our programme:

  • The service principle is based upon the Recovery Model and provides needs-led, specialised treatment and rehabilitation, within the framework of the CPA approach. We use My Shared Pathway as the tool to develop individualised care packages.
  • Treatment needs are informed by a comprehensive, multidisciplinary formulation of risk and rehabilitation needs that clearly identifies the steps individuals need to progress through the care pathway. All patients will receive an intensive therapeutic programme adapted to varying needs of the patient group. 
  • There will be an emphasis on relational security which will lead to a reduction in serious incidents and improved service user experience, increasing the likelihood of engagement in a multidisciplinary treatment programme.
  • We exceed the recommended 25 hours of meaningful activity.

More Information

Next steps

Discharge is considered at admission and our clinical and social work teams work with appropriate case managers to support a transition into low secure services. We have a range of options based in Northampton, Birmingham and Essex.

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