ASD and LD - community

Recognising the importance of personalised care in the least restrictive environment, Winslow provides a transitional approach to community living through six self-contained residential apartments for patients with learning disabilities or an autistic spectrum disorder.

Our Winslow service has been developed to provide enhanced care for individuals with complex presentations, who are transitioning away from secure hospital care to a community setting. It comprises six self-contained residential apartments offering independent living within a community based environment.

With an emphasis on sustainable living and vocational skills development, our aim is for residents to transition to successful community living.

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Admissions criteria

Winslow accepts men and women aged between 18-65 years:

  • with borderline or mild/moderate learning disability and/or autistic spectrum disorders
  • with a co-morbidity including mental illness or personality disorder
  • who display challenging behaviour
  • who are informal, on a CTO,under Guardianship or protected by DoLs.

This criteria is a guide. Each service user will be assessed individually. Service users with a forensic background will be considered.

Living independently

The Winslow on-site team will work with residents to manage independent living within a community setting, including preparing their own meals, doing their laundry, managing a weekly budget and cleaning their bedrooms.

Skilled and experienced ‘Navigators’ and ‘Mentors’ will help residents to build up a network to support them when they move into the community, including providing links with community providers such as voluntary services, education and recreation or work placements.

More information

Professional support workers will engage residents and help them to achieve their full potential through:

• Educational opportunities
• Vocational activities
• Occupations that are meaningful
• Life skills development
• Volunteering options
• Employment opportunities.

Residents will register for physical healthcare services, such as GP and dental practices, in the local area.

Moving on

We expect residents to stay in Winslow for approximately 18 - 24 months before they step through to community living.

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