Careers in education at St Andrew's

Our patients and your colleagues will expect you to live the St Andrew’s CARE values of Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence every single day.

The Education teams in St Andrew’s provide a broad range of educational learning, through:

1. Providing educational to inpatient young people through St Andrew’s College

2. Providing education to inpatient adults through the Adult Education team

3. Training current and future healthcare staff: including nurses, medical students and undergraduates in many disciplines as part of our Academic Department. 

Education is highly valued by our patients and we see it as a major influence upon recovery.  The College provides a broad curriculum replicating much that a mainstream school would offer.  For adult learners the focus is on helping all patients and service users to have independent literacy, numeracy and ICT skills and through these develop greater employability awareness and opportunity on discharge.

Roles within Education

All teachers have Qualified Teacher Status or a similar post 16 teaching qualification.

The Head Teacher oversees the work of the College and Adult Education and they are supported by a Lead Teacher for each of the above.

In the College subjects are taught by a subject specialist and the range of examinations followed are from Entry Level to Level 2 and occasionally Level 3.

In Adult Education the courses and examinations followed are mainly Entry level and Level 1 and occasionally Level 2.

Apart for qualified teachers a number of Education Technical Instructors are employed to work alongside the teachers and teach their own learning sessions. There are also Educational Instructors who provide inclass support and run individual reading sessions.

Your first months with us

We value our staff. Following initial training you would work with a peer mentor for the first six months. This helps you understand our way of working and getting those small, but important, questions answered quickly.

Each month you would have a brief meeting with your manager to check how things are going and ensure effective communication. Clinical supervision is also available to you.