Careers in nursing

Our patients and your colleagues will expect you to live the St Andrew’s CARE values of Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence every single day.  

We value talented nurses so highly, and want St Andrew's Healthcare to be an exceptional place to follow a nursing career, whether you're experienced, newly qualified or thinking about training. 

We offer a wide range of nursing opportunities across mental health, learning disability, autism, CAMHS, neuropsychiatry and physical health, and nursing careers feel different with us - there is a strong sense of belonging, teamwork and huge pride across the nursing team.

Apply now!

Applying or enquiring to be one of our valued nurses is as easy as giving us a call on 01604 872660 or emailing There is no need for an online application!

What do we look for in our nurses?

You can tell a 'St Andrew's nurse' by their healthcare knowledge, their advanced clinical skills and their values, dedication and professionalism.

You're a St Andrew's nurse if you're passionate about what you do, want to offer world-class service and care and to keep improving as a professional. You're someone who communicates well with patients, carers and colleagues. You have the courage to stand up and speak out for what is right, and you're proud of your profession and what nurses can achieve.

If that's you, get in contact and empower your nursing career with us.

Why be a nurse at St Andrew's Healthcare?

St Andrew’s Healthcare is where you can become the nurse you want to be. Here are 10 reasons why this is the right place to follow your career:

1. Explore or specialise: Our services give you the chance to explore different areas of mental health and learning disabilities, or specialise in a specific field.

2. World-class nursing: Our vision is to deliver world-class care, so our standards are incredibly high. You can play your part in clinical practice of the highest quality.

3. Transforming lives: We’ve achieved some amazing results with patients through our compassionate, empathetic approach to care. You can really see the difference your contribution makes.

4. Professional development: We have a strong learning culture and we’re keen to invest in your training and continued development

5. Career pathways: We have a structured path for you to follow, whatever level you join us at.

6. Our culture: We’ve developed a positive, welcoming and inclusive culture, where everyone feels involved and equality and fairness are an everyday reality.

7. Getting involved: You will be encouraged to work in creative ways and put your own ideas and thoughts forward. Your opinions matter. Our managers are always ready to listen.

8. Enhanced pay: Our nurses benefit from a qualified clinical allowance, awarded on top of their basic salary. You’ll also receive enhanced shift pay, depending on the rotas you work, and have the opportunity to work additional hours through our nurse bank.

9. Outstanding facilities: Designed with patients in mind, we have modern, well-resourced, well-equipped facilities.

10. Work-life balance: Family-friendly policies and a smart approach to shift planning help you to be who you want to be outside of work as well as in it.

Our nursing career pathway within St Andrew's Healthcare is unique. It enables you to develop and move through the profession without needing to leave the charity.

You can progress from Healthcare Assistant to Staff Nurse through our 'Aspire' programme. This supports 20 members of staff to gain a nursing degree supported by a £17,000 per year bursary. From there you can move on to more senior roles.

We offer an outstanding Preceptorship Programme as we recognise that as a newly registered nurse you will require support, encouragement and a period of preceptorship to help you make the transition from novice to skilled practitioner.

We work hand in hand with the University of Northampton and other institutions to deliver a full pathway of bespoke short courses and higher educational opportunities to our healthcare staff. There's access to specialised training for certificates and a Foundation Degree, providing a route to degree and postgraduate studies.