St Andrew’s Healthcare has launched a new ‘Assertive Community Transitions Service’ for the southern parts of the East Midlands (Northamptonshire and Leicestershire), which was commissioned by NHS England.

This collaboration with Nottinghamshire Foundation Trust (North) will reduce the length of time people with mental health issues remain in secure care for, it was recognised that more needed to be done to support vulnerable people during this key part of their recovery.  Not only will these patients spend less time in hospital, they will receive an individualised care plan to support their goal of living safely within the community.

A two year pilot is currently underway and St Andrew’s is providing the multi-disciplinary team which includes support workers and peer support workers to work alongside our qualified professionals to support people from the southern part of the East Midlands to transition in to independent community living after a period of time in either medium or low secure care.

The partnership approach will help patients to have:

  • A personalised support plan to focus on the factors they need in place to make a transition in to the community successful
  • Intensive support from a range of professionals during the transition period
  • Psychological input to help them to build successful relationships
  • Practical support such as substance misuse (with Framework, a third sector provider)
  • Financial assistance such as help purchasing a bus pass and advice about benefits
  • Support with daily living activities such as registering with a GP

The service is designed for patients with a range of mental health conditions originally from the East Midlands and who are returning to the area or patients currently in a low or medium secure bed in the East Midlands and who wish to remain in the area.  We expect to be supporting approximately 34 patients in the southern part of the East Midlands region, with a further 45 in the northern part of the region managed by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Deputy Chief Executive of St Andrew’s, Jess Lievesley said: “To be part of a solution that puts vulnerable people first is something I’m incredibly proud of.  I’m confident that partnering our clinical expertise alongside the incredible resources available within the third sector in the local area will ensure that these vulnerable patients will get access to the very best people and services which will make their transition back in to the community much faster and more successful.”