Exceptional nurse training

We give nursing students the best learning opportunity throughout their professional training, up to and including final registration.

We offer high quality mentoring, practice education and support that's aligned to students' learning requirements and objectives.

Placements are usually arranged through universities and are aligned to specific learning objectives. We offer a wide range of clinical placements, including medium secure care, low secure care, forensic care, neuropsychiatry, adolescents and women’s specific services.

We can provide placement opportunities for students from any UK based universities, including elective placements such as those in the third year of a degree. Our dedicated team will try and find the best learning environment for your professional training.

 To find out more about our learning opportunities, read on, or contact the team.


Learning opportunities

Unique CAMHS experience

Support the assessment process of newly admitted teenage adolescents with complex behavioural and emotional difficulties in a locked low secure setting 

Family support experience

Support patient family visits, observing how these are managed and organised.

Mental healthcare insights

Participate in care plan update (CPU) meetings and Mental Health Tribunals. 

Join multidisciplinary teams

Work inter-professionally with members of the MDT

Medication management

Medication management and administration of intramuscular dosage 

Risk assessments

Understand how patients and situations are assessed in terms of risk

Explore levels of secure care

Work within the different levels of secure care - from medium secure and low secure through to locked and community units

Continuing Professional Development

Take part in in-house development sessions, held every week at St Andrews.

In house training

Gain award-winning training from our skilled in-house team.

Working through Learning Through Work you need to complete the specific workbook … sign to say they have seen the completed workbook and date the entry on to your training records.

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