A charity providing specialist mental healthcare

We work in partnership with a range of NHS, voluntary, educational and research organisations to deliver a range of specialist inpatient and community mental healthcare services, education and research that helps to improve the lives of people with complex mental health needs.

Our activities are wide ranging and include; working with NHS and Independent partners to provide people with the right care as close to their home as possible, educating and training healthcare staff and students through a range of learning opportunities, providing early-intervention assessment and support to reduce re-offending and the need for hospital care, supporting our local community offering outpatient services and Workbridge vocational opportunities, sharing learning and insights from our Research and Innovation department, and actively campaigning to reduce mental health stigma.

And we are constantly listening and changing to be a mental healthcare charity that people need us to be.

Watch our latest video to find out more about complex mental health and then take a look around our website to find out more about how we can help improve your mental health.

Let's talk about ... Complex Mental Health

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Listening + Changing

As a charity working in partnership with others, we are continuously seeking feedback to improve the services we offer. If you have used or come in contact with our services, please let us know your views, opinions, thoughts or ideas to help us continuously improve.


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