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For almost two centuries, St Andrew’s Healthcare has been here to support people with complex mental health needs. In a world where the challenges of mental health are as complex as they are urgent, our responsibility is clear: to remain an unwavering pillar of support for those in need, whilst embracing innovation to meet the demands of today and the future.


Hope: Our Strategy for the future

This Strategy is our roadmap, outlining the steps we will take to ensure that our Charity achieves its potential, supporting those we serve. It has been developed closely with those who we care for, who work with us or for us.

We’ve worked closely with the people in our care, as well as those who work with us and alongside us, to identify seven ambitions for our new strategy. Whilst our ambitions will remain the same throughout the five-year strategy, we will focus on refining our detailed plans to facilitate our future development.

Our 7 ambitions are focussed on:

  • Voice
  • Social Impact
  • Quality
  • Service Development
  • Workforce
  • Learning and Research
  • Financial Sustainability

To find out more, please read our Hope strategy, here: Hope - Our strategy for the future


hopeamibitionsOur new animation

We invite you to join us on our journey as we navigate a changing world and adapt to its emerging demands and possibilities.

Please watch our short animation, and join us in our mission: to help people transform their lives, and create a society where everyone with complex mental health needs is heard, valued and has hope for their future.

Hope - An animation about our strategy