Our rehabilitation services

We work in partnership with the NHS to help support patients with complex needs who are on a rehabilitation pathway back to the community or the least restrictive environment.

A number of our services are designed to complement our secure provision and provide step-down solutions in preparation for a community placement.

Last year we supported nearly 100 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in providing care for almost 250 of their patients through a wide range of rehabilitation services. 

We have provision suitable for direct admission, where the focus is to assess and stabilise the patient ahead of a treatment programme which prepares the patient for the next steps in their care.

We provide structured timetables including:
• social, educational and occupational therapies delivered in purpose-designed creative facilities
• fitness sessions
• education and vocational training settings within the least restrictive, safe and flexible environments.

According to patients' needs, we will support and encourage access to community-based services as part of the programme.

This often includes physical activities, colleges and education provision, social activities such as the cinema and other community orientated charities such as Headway.


Workbridge forms an essential part of many of our rehabilitation pathways. It provides service users with the opportunity to learn and develop work and life skills through a broad range of vocational opportunities.

We help people to find their independence, boost confidence and self-esteem, whilst learning new skills that will benefit them in the future. Service users work in a supportive environment where they can meet new people, build relationships and feel part of a community.