Promoting Recovery, Supporting Wellbeing, Inspiring Hope

As part of St Andrew's Healthcare, REDS Recovery College offers recovery-focused educational courses to support wellbeing and recovery.

We help people better understand a wide range of mental health issues, learn self-management techniques and gain skills to give them hope for the future.

The college takes an educational approach to improving mental health that compliments and supports our clinical services. We value lived and clinical experience as equal voices. Our trainers have a wide range of professional experience as well as personal insight of mental health challenges so that each course is authentic and centred on real life experience.

We champion lived experience and co-production in all that we do. All our courses are fully co-produced and are co-delivered and co-attended wherever possible.  All learners are treated as equal and may be patients, staff, partners in care, as well as members of the public on our open courses. By removing labels, such as diagnoses and job titles, we create a rich learning environment based on respect and equality.

Our focus is on strengths rather than challenges, on empowerment, inspiration and wellness.


REDS Recovery College prospectus

Download our prospectus, and see the overview of our courses

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We have a variety of courses based upon the three tenants of personal recovery; Hope, Agency and Opportunity. For further details take a look at our prospectus and/or see our course overviews above. 

Courses are accessible off or on the ward, in classrooms and on line. They can be delivered in a variety of ways tailored to the individual learner. 

To find out more, contact us via email or phone: 01604 872705

Our courses

Current courses include: 

  • An Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion
  • Finding Hope
  • Labels Belong on Tins Not on People
  • What is Borderline Personality Disorder?
  • Discovery of Recovery
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Basic Life Support

Lived Experience

We involve people with ‘lived experience’ of mental health challenges in designing our courses. 

Many lead our courses as a ‘Peer Trainer', who have personal insight of mental health challenges. This way, each course is centred on real life experience.

REDS courses for June

Here are the health and wellbeing courses that people can participate in this month

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What we offer

REDS Recovery College believes in helping our students to reach their full potential.  Our courses are open to patients, carers and staff at St Andrew’s, free of charge and members of the public can contact us to find out about our courses in the community. If you are looking for hope, inspiration and achievement you have picked the right place.  To apply, contact us at