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Online CPD SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY webinar - St Andrew's Healthcare

Navigating Communication and Emotional Arousal Levels: Principles and Practical Applications in Psychiatric Settings

Following significant interest from a recent NR Times article on SLT in Mental Health, this webinar invited Kimberlee Ferrari, Lead Speech and Language Therapist and Leanne Clement, Head of Allied Health Professionals and an Occupational Therapist by profession, to talk about approaches, specifically the creation of an arousal curve plan, used to support the communication needs of people in psychiatric settings with complex mental health needs.

CPD points: 2

The webinar specifically covered the following areas:

  • Arousal Curve Principles, including Polyvagal Theory
  • Creating an arousal curve plan, with communication and sensory guidance plotted
  • Using an arousal curve plan in practice, for example in; formulation, debriefs, coping skills, transfers and promotion of least restrictive care.


Webinar speakers

Kimberlee Ferrari
Lead Speech and Language Therapist
Kim Ferrari is the Lead Speech and Language Therapist at St Andrews Healthcare, with a broad range of front line clinical experience working in neuropsychiatry, adult mental health, CAMHS, ASD, and LD inpatient services. Kim is focussed on raising awareness of the intersection between communication and mental health, in particular reducing health inequalities for individuals with communication needs when they access mental health support. Leading a forward-thinking and dynamic team of therapists, Kim encourages the exploration of innovative therapy approaches with the aim to integrate effective communication strategies with mental health support for tangible, meaningful outcomes.

Leanne Clement
Head of Allied Health Professions
Leanne Clement is the Head of Allied Health Professions (AHP) at St Andrews Healthcare. Leanne is a qualified Occupational Therapist with over 14 years of experience in secure and non-secure inpatient mental health and learning disability services. Leanne has more recently taken on the role of Head of AHP with a drive to bring allied health professionals together in order to improve patient outcomes and ways of working. Leanne is also really keen to develop the knowledge, skills and expertise of the use of sensory modulation and integration within St Andrews Healthcare in order to reduce the use of restrictive practices and enable the workforce to feel confident in identifying and implementing strategies to help manage patients who experience challenges and times of crisis.


Registration details

This event was free to attend.


Webinar recording

To view a recording of the webinar, click here.

Webinar presentation slides

These presentations slides are the property of Kim Ferrari and Leanne Clement. Please credit St Andrew's healthcare when using these slides in relevant settings.

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