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What volunteering means to me - Peter's story...

Our volunteers give us their time, energy and expertise, and Peter Winslow, our Chairman, is no different.

Peter’s role is a voluntary position with the charity, and here he shares what a difference it has made to him…

“I have been volunteering at St Andrew’s for 14 years. I had heard incredible things about St Andrew’s and happened to live very near to the Chairman at that time. 

"He explained a lot more about the whole charity and at that point I decided I wanted to become involved.

“The things I do have changed over the years. When I first joined it was ward visits but also visits to individual departments, for example finance and marketing.

"I then joined the Board as a Non-Executive Director and became more generally involved in the workings of the charity. Currently I Chair the charity.

"My major responsibilities are to ensure that the strategy is absolutely fit for purpose and to hold the management team to account in the execution of it. I am also very interested and participative in the development of the charity’s culture.

“My involvement with St Andrew’s has fundamentally broadened my understanding of mental health and allowed me to participate in a world that I really knew nothing about.

"I am proud that over the last few years we have reinvigorated the charity’s attitude to patient care with our focus now being absolutely on value based outcome measures.

"This should ensure our patients have every opportunity to maximise their recovery.

“I would encourage people who are considering volunteering to get involved, and don’t hesitate.”

Join Peter in volunteering your time to make a difference - click here to learn more about our #100ThousandHours volunteering campaign.