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Posted on Feb 18 2022 by Fiona Bailey

Young people at St Andrew's were encouraged to go on a “blind date with a book” to mark Valentine’s Day on Monday, February 14.

The CAMHS event involved staff wrapping up a variety of books in brown paper with a few key words on the front to indicate the book genre.

Each young person was then encouraged to choose a book based on the descriptive words.

Cheryl Smith, who is the Headteacher of the St Andrew’s College, said: “The event was a huge success and even got some of the most reluctant of our readers interested in picking a book.

“This is all part of our mission to encourage our young people to read for pleasure and be taken away on a journey of discovery. We wanted to use Valentine’s Day to encourage our students to go on a blind date with a book and fall in love with reading.”

St Andrew’s College is designed specifically for the needs of the young people who are patients at the hospital.

It is a non-maintained college which is aligned with the CAMHS treatment model of Trauma Informed Care that is adopted within St Andrews’ services.

The College provides a safe and supportive space where people can enjoy individualised opportunities to learn, achieve and believe in themselves.

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