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Posted on Jun 8 2022 by Bobbie Kelly

Carers' Week: St Andrew's pledges support for John's Campaign

It is Carers Week 2022, and a chance to celebrate everyone who is a carer. Here at St Andrew's Healthcare, we are committed to viewing carers as equal partners in care. That's why we support John's Campaign; a movement which supports the right of people with dementia to be supported by their family, friends or carers.

What is John's Campaign?

We know that families come in all varieties. They're not always genetically related and sometimes it is a close friend who matters most. We believe that individuals are their own best judges who is essential for their emotional or practical well-being. We think that, wherever possible, they should be asked who they would like to have involved in their care, and their wishes should be respected.

That is the ethos of John's Campaign: it is a pledge to work with families and friends as equal partners in the care and treatment of people who have dementia, who are being cared for in hospital.

Why is this important?

Hospital admission can be distressing for everyone, particularly for those with cognitive impairment. By supporting John's Campaign, St Andrew's promises that we not just ALLOW, but WELCOME families and friends to work in partnership with staff and act as expert advocates, wherever possible.

One family said:

"I am extremely pleased with the level of contact that I have with my father, as well as the staff overseeing my father's care at St Andrew's.

I have always tried very hard to maintain good working relationships throughout my career, and the staff at St Andrew's make this a relatively easy task. 

I am very pleased with my St Andrew's experience to date and know that my father feels very much the same."

What is our 'pledge'?

We pledge to provide increased opportunities for families and friends to connect with our patients who have dementia or Huntington's disease. We will encourage them to get involved in their day-to-day lives wherever possible, and share their expert knowledge with our staff and teams.

How might this help?

By supporting John's Campaign we can ensure the best possible experience and outcomes for our patients, their families and friends, and our members of staff. It is another step towards us achieving truly person-centred care.

How can I find out more?
Click here for more information about John's Campaign.

CARERS' WEEK: This week we would like to remind all carers, family and friends of people in our care that our friendly Carers Centre team are on hand to offer advice and support; you can contact them on 01604 616125.