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Posted on Oct 1 2021 by

The young people of Smyth House, which houses the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services on the Northampton site, have been getting creative with paper.

Together they have built an artwork installation made from origami and coloured film for St Andrew’s College.

It features a range of different animals and objects in an array of colours which have transformed the space.

Headteacher Cheryl Smith said: “St Andrew’s College in Smyth House is now fully complete with colourful window films on the skylights, some cheery dolphins and our very own origami installation created by our young people themselves. We think it looks cheerful and makes the college an inviting place to spend time.

“It’s important to include artwork that was created by the patients in the college to encourage participation and promote self-esteem by being a part of a collaborative piece.”

The patients also used coloured film across the rooflights which have created a dappled effect of ethereal and subtle colour projected on the walls throughout the day.

This also adds a nod to the rainbow which was important to the young people when designing Smyth last year. The rainbow was chosen because it represents a multitude of causes including LGBTQI+, the NHS and is also a worldwide symbol of hope.

The dolphin mural which they also created tied in nicely with the nature theme which runs throughout the college.

The image was chosen as the sunlight in the image mimics the way the light also falls within the room. It is also a tranquil image adding interest to what otherwise would be quite a bland corridor.

The finalised college design was done in collaboration with the CAMHs team, patients, Education team and Estates Design team.