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Tonight is the night when Kayleigh, Jo and Charlie will share their stories with the world.

I’m Not Mad, I’m Me is a one-off 30-minute documentary which is being broadcast live on YouTube at 7:30pm. A Question and Answer session will take place straight afterwards featuring a leading panel of mental health experts.

The documentary, filmed within our Northampton hospital, follows three patients with complex mental health conditions who were sectioned under the Mental Health Act. The trio have been receiving care from our Charity for a number of years.

The screening has attracted a lot of media attention with local publications the Chronicle and Echo and Northampton Life publishing articles about the broadcast.

Kayleigh also took part in a pre-recorded interview with BBC Radio Northampton.

Speaking to BBC Radio Northampton Breakfast presenter, Annabel Amos, Kayleigh said: “I was nervous and scared at first, but when I got here the staff were really supportive and they showed that they want to help you get better.”

Kayleigh explained she has battled with mental health problems all her life but prior to her stay at St Andrew’s Healthcare she said getting the right kind of help was a challenge.

She said: “The sad thing is you don’t really get help until you are rock bottom.

“When I look back at how I was when I first arrives, I’m a completely different person. I’m more confident in myself and I see a future, whereas before I didn’t want to live. But now because of the support and therapy I’ve had here, it’s made me feel that I can be strong.”

The 25-year-old added: “The main reason I took part is to help others so they’re not scared to ask for support. I was petrified and it shouldn’t be like that.”

The documentary is being broadcast during a live stream on the St Andrew’s YouTube page this evening at 7:30pm.

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