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Posted on Jun 10 2020 by

Dr Annette Greenwood elected Crisis, Disaster & Trauma Chair at British Psychological Society

Dr Annette Greenwood a Consultant Psychologist and Trauma Response Lead at St Andrew’s has recently been elected Chair of the Crisis, Disaster & Trauma (CDT) section of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Dr Greenwood’s role over the next two years will be to help the committee and the membership develop further knowledge and understanding of the psychological impact of trauma.

On being appointed to the role she said:

“We are currently experiencing a very different world through the impact of Covid-19.  I believe this will bring new challenges for the mental health of children, adults and in the lives of people from BAME backgrounds.

“CDT will be able to share knowledge and researched data via its website, workshops, webinars and conferences that will enable learning and understanding on the impact of trauma.  Building upon previous successes with conferences and workshops on Complex PTSD, Veteran support, Child Development, the impact of the Grenfell disaster and the growth of trauma informed care.

“I and my committee will be working hard to help all understand the psychological impact post pandemic."

Dr Greenwood has worked at consultant level in the NHS for 19 years for the last 10 years she has been the Trauma Response Lead and Consultant Clinical Advisor at St Andrew's Healthcare.  She has lead psychological incident responses both at international and national level and was a consultant psychologist on a Neonatal Unit for 10 years working with parents and staff who cared for sick and dying babies.