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The podcast revealing how music can help unlock minds in a psychiatric hospital

LISTEN: S1: Ep3 | On the Ward: Music therapy

St Andrew’s Healthcare has today released episode three of a five-part podcast, which aims to demystify what it’s like for patients and staff living and working in a secure mental health hospital.

Episode 3 focuses on music therapy and how important this is in helping patients through their recovery journeys. During the podcast we hear some original songs, written and performed by our patients.

One patient opens up to the host of the podcast and nurse, John-Barry Waldron, about her six months at St Andrew's, and how our team have helped her to make her music.

She explained:

"I was quite angry, not very nice to myself, constantly getting into trouble. I had quite a few incidents, self-harmed a lot, but now through listening to my music and through having discussions with staff I'm completely the opposite - I'll go to staff and explain how I feel, and I'll cry and let my emotions out."

The patient also performs her song, 'Gamechanger' which features the lyric “I've got history, you don't know, time to move on, time to grow." Both the patient and her music technician Val agree writing the song was a turning point in her recovery.

“The game-changer for her was the moment where she finally came to terms with the fact that being in hospital was just a blip in her life. Before that song she was more of the mind-set of – ‘that’s it, I have no hope, this is going to be my life’,” says Val.

Assistant Psychologist Mel Morgan explains how music is beneficial in a number of ways - a way to express yourself when it's difficult to verbalise your feelings.

Episode 3 is available to stream now: