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Posted on Jan 29 2020 by Bobbie Kelly

Healthwatch observe good practice during visit to St Andrew’s Healthcare

Healthwatch is the independent champion for health and social care, working to help people get the best out of their local health and social care services and ensure that people are at the heart of care.

As part of their recent work looking at mental health services, Healthwatch Northamptonshire has published a positive report following their visit to Stowe ward, where they observed a good care environment and interactions between staff and patients, as well as other areas of good practice.

Stowe ward is a ward for female patients, and the care we provide on Stowe has a clear emphasis on recovery and progression. From the moment a patient is admitted, we are working towards their discharge, aiming to ensure each patient has the shortest stay possible.

Healthwatch Northamptonshire’s report explains that: “During our visit, the ward appeared well-organised, calm and generally positive in regard to patient care and safety. The unit was clean and spacious, as were the patient bedrooms. The facilities cater well for the needs of the patient. There were measures in place for those with more complex needs and/or those needing a higher level of supervision.

“On the day of the visit, the staff to patient ratio was good. The staff seem dedicated to their professional roles, which offer highly personalised support, with a multi-disciplinary team available to meet the patients’ needs holistically. Staff informed us that clinicians involve patients in the planning of their care and engagement in therapies and treatment. Patient’s views are considered and care is (reasonably) adjusted to meet identified needs.

“We were shown a programme of activities, where patients were encouraged to independently plan their week in advance. It was clear that patients have the opportunity to engage in creative activities, as evidence of their work was clearly displayed. Food and mealtimes were welcomed by the patients and there was a variety of choice and each patient was able to make their own individual selection. Some aspects of good practice were observed and commended, and some other minor advisories noted.”

Kate Holt, CEO of Healthwatch Northamptonshire, said; “We are appreciative of St Andrew’s working with us to support this visit to Stowe ward and hope our findings are helpful to the ward and whole organisation as they seek to improve quality and patient centred care”.

You can read the visit report on the Healthwatch website.