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Posted on Feb 21 2019 by Bobbie Kelly

Reverend Richard Coles talks mental health and sexuality

As part of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) History Month, we are holding various events for both staff and patients to come together and celebrate the LGBT community.

This week we welcomed Reverend Richard Coles to our Northampton hospital. Reverend Coles took the time to meet with both staff and patients, before taking a tour of the hospital grounds and meeting both adults and adolescents on the wards.

"I was an inpatient here myself when I was 17,” he explained, “when I had an episode of clinical depression and a crisis that followed. I was fortunate that my mum and dad had private insurance that generously provided for me to come here.

“I was an inpatient at Isham House - I was in group therapy there and it saved my life. It literally saved my life."

To watch the Reverend Richard Coles’ talk in full – where he shares his thoughts on sexuality, the people who have inspired him, his mental health and religion – click below.