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Posted on Aug 31 2021 by Fiona Bailey

Kayleigh, who was one of three patients who starred in the St Andrew’s I'm Not Mad, I’m Me documentary, has had her story published on one of the country’s leading news websites.

FEMAIL, the female supplement for MailOnline, wrote an article about Kayleigh’s recovery and how she was now preparing to leave the Northampton hospital and apply to catering college.

Journalist Chloe Morgan included a series of photographs of Kayleigh at St Andrew’s and also included information on the mental health conditions she has been treated for.

The comments left by readers on the article were hugely positive with one contributor using the online name Purple Hare calling Kayleigh a “brave lady” for sharing her story.

Another reader, from Australia, wrote: “You are not a bad person, you are a beautiful and unique person. Good luck overcoming your challenges and realising your true potential.”

And Mum of Many, also from Australia, added: “What a lovely, encouraging story.”

According to ComScore, a website which claims to provide reliable measurement of cross-platform audiences, between April 2019 and March 2020 the MailOnline had an average daily readership of approximately 2.180 million.

At the moment, I’m Not Mad, I’m Me has been watched in total by more than 6,000 people via YouTube, but it is thought this article might significantly boost viewing figures.

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