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Posted on Feb 9 2021 by Bobbie Kelly

It’s National Apprenticeship Week! 

We're proud to support National Apprentice Week, which this year runs from February 8 to 14. We are celebrating apprenticeships, and the valuable experiences and skills that apprentices bring to the workplace.

Fatai Atobatele is a Healthcare Assistant in Winslow. He is currently studying Health and Social Care Apprenticeship Level 3.

Here he shares his story:

“I have passion for caring for people who need extra support, and people around me - either at home or at my place of work. I have been working as a carer for a long time, but when I joined St Andrew’s Healthcare I noticed there are lot of opportunities to better my life. I applied for the apprenticeship and luckily for me I was given the opportunity.

I must tell you, I have learnt a lot this with this course. I have increased my level of understanding in care settings, my writing of RIO and incident reports has changed for better. When I take a lead role at work, Nurses and colleagues always tell me that I am going to go far in the care setting and they can see the leader in me.

I would like to encourage my friends and colleagues, no matter how old or young, that you can still do something to increase or better yourself in any aspect of life. After this course I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge and doing the Mental Health Nursing course to become a Registered Nurse.”

Inspired by Fatai? Here's a little more information about apprenticeships!

So what is a Professional Apprenticeship?

A Professional Apprenticeship is a job with a skills development programme that allows apprentices to earn as they learn, and gain valuable workplace experience and skills.

Apprenticeships allow you to study during work time using the 70:20:10 model of training:

  •      70% learn and develop through experience from working on the job
  •      10% learning via mentoring, coaching, collaborative learning
  •      20% formal training programmes via workshops and events 

Can anyone can become an apprentice?

There is no upper age limit, essentially apprenticeships are available for everyone who needs to learn significant skills related to a job, including those who already have qualifications.

To find out more about the career development opportunities on offer at St Andrew's, click here.