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Posted on Mar 12 2021 by Jo Lehmann

Life-size cardboard cut-out helps one ward at St Andrew’s keep Covid at bay

One ward at St Andrew’s Healthcare has come up with a novel idea of helping keep Covid at bay – by installing a life size 6ft cardboard cut-out of one of our staff nurses, Tayo Kuku.

The card board cut out advises anyone entering the ward to ensure they’re adhering to infection prevention control, by “showing off their elbows” which helps reduce the spread of infection, as well as wearing PPE such as masks.

Jodie Johnson, is the Nurse Manager on the ward and says it’s something fun to lift people’s spirits every time they enter the ward.

"I was thinking about what would get my attention before entering the ward. I thought that a mannequin would be a wonderful prompt for people - a visual checklist to run through as they start their shift.

“I thought the mannequin could be correctly dressed in uniform (bare below the elbow of course), and be wearing PPE. I contacted Debenhams as they were closing down, but unfortunately they couldn’t help. That's where the idea of a cardboard cut-out come from.

“Our model, CEO Outstanding CARE Award winner Tayo, just happened to be in front of me talking and wearing his uniform, and I took advantage of his good nature and willingness to support the ward!"

The cut-out of Tayo has now been on the ward for several weeks.

"The feedback has been really positive: patients like it and find it quiet humorous, as do our colleagues, especially as Tayo is familiar to them. Staff have reported that it is a good visual prompt, that is not the “norm”. I'm not going to lie, there were a few frights at the beginning which resulted in some giggles!", explained Jodie.

The cardboard cut-out is part of the Charity’s Continuous Quality Improvement programme launched last year to help make sure St Andrew’s is always improving.

The idea behind CQI is to give our patient facing teams and support departments the tools they need to find improvement opportunities and deliver them.

It's about trying new ideas, testing them and refining them to create ongoing change.